Stereo Flip

Hi All,
I’ve been a few days playing with Stereo Flip and I really don’t understand what is it for and how it works.
I have a voice track and I want to convert it to Stereo.
So I logically select the track, go to Audio -> Processes -> Stereo Flip

Then the form opens (I’ll try to attach the image later on) and whatever I do, nothing at all happens.

There is not a process button, I’ve seen videos on previous version with at least a process button (

Documentation on this couldn’t be more minimal (

If that’s not supposed to do what I expected it does, can someone please help me to understand what is the purpose of Stereo Flip, and also how should that be used?

Apologize for this very beginner question and thank you for any clarification on this topic.

Documentation contains everything necessary. Follow your 2nd link and Simply read the first sentence slowly and thoroughly. :confused:

In other words, it’s not designed to do what you are trying to achieve, which is to convert a mono track to stereo. To do that, make sure your track is routed to a stereo output bus and export it. You can set for the new track to be imported to your project in the export dialogue.

Yes the manual is sometimes hard to understand but on this occasion it’s very clear to me…this is not the function you’re after.

If you just want to convert ta mono file to Stereo sounds like you might do better with the Convert file function in the audio pool?

And that is a much simpler method than the one I suggested.