Stereo group channel overriding the panning at the stereo track level

I am using Cubase Pro 12.0.30 on a Windows 10 PC. Routing a stereo audio track through a stereo group channel seems to be overriding the panning at the track level.

  1. I have a stereo audio track, with no inserts (so nothing that could be enforcing mono output). If I route the output of that track directly to my main output channel, I can if I wish pan the audio track hard left or hard right so that the entire signal comes out of only one speaker; or I can pan to any precise intermediate position.

  2. If I route that audio track to a group channel, then I can no longer reproduce that hard panning. The group channel is stereo (I have checked) and it too has no inserts. I am routing the audio track’s entire output to the group channel, I am not treating the group channel as a send effect. I am working in stereo, not surround sound.

  3. Whatever I do when I route the output via a group channel, I seem to have some presence of the signal in both output channels. I have tried panning the group to the centre, or panning it to the same side as the audio or to the opposite side. I have also tried using the combined panner on the group channel and on the audio channel (on one or the other, or both together), and activating the bypass on the group channel’s panner and/or the audio track’s. But I still cannot reproduce the extreme panning I get at step 1, I always seem to have some signal in both speakers.

I can’t seem to find anything in the manual that describes how a stereo group channel’s stereo balance panner is supposed to interact with the stereo balance panner setting of any stereo audio track routed to it. I also can’t seem to find a solution in previous posts on this forum.

Is Cubase behaving as it is supposed to, or am I failing to understand something? Is there a setting somewhere that will allow me to retain my panning in step 1 even when I route the output to a group channel? Or is this a bug? Thanks in advance.


Please, read about the Sends Panning.

As I said, I am routing the entire output of my audio track to the group track, I am not treating the group as a send.

Or are you saying I have to use the group as a send in order to have complete control over the group track’s panning?


I see, sorry.

If I route to the Group over the output, then the signal is on the given side on the Group Channel. Of course, I can pan the Group too.

Did you add the Stereo Group Channel, please?

Yes, the group I am using is a stereo group. I have confirmed this by looking in Studio/Audio Connections…/Group/FX/Speakers column.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

The group channel in question is called GUITAR GROUP. It has a single input, which is a stereo audio track. GUITAR GROUP is routed to ALL BACKING GROUP, which is routed to FINAL OUT GROUP, which is routed to MAIN OUT. All groups are stereo.

OK, I think I have solved this. The FINAL OUT GROUP has a number of inserts on it, one of which is StereoEnhancer. It is that which was causing the signal “leakage”. It stops when I turn that insert off. [Doh! Head slap!]