Stereo guitars

I accedentally recorded guitar tracks for a few songs with stereo input. How big of an issue (if any) could this become when i send the tracks of for mixing/master?


It’s not a problem at all.

If the Input Bus on your guitar track is a stereo bus, then you would end up with a 2ch recording with data on only one channel (left or right). If this is the case, you would want to convert or split that audio file so you end up with a mono audio file.

If on the other hand the Input Bus is a mono bus recorded on a stereo track (shown as a single channel waveform), then you do not need to take any further actions.
I have stopped using mono tracks altogether years ago. Using stereo tracks for mono sources has advantages as they allow you to use stereo inserts and pan its sends. The only advantage of using mono tracks, as I understand it, is that you can use less resource demanding mono plugins as inserts.

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Thanks for the answers. I know you typicaly should record guitars in mono since the instrument is mono but was unsure if it could lead to furthers issues down the line. Good to know i wont have to rerecord it all :grin:

Not really. I’m with @mlib and only record to stereo Tracks even for mono sources. It simplifies workflow and removes a potential source of problems moving between mono & stereo signal paths.

I also agree with @mlib and @raino:

I always use stereo tracks, even when recording mono sources.

And quite a few Guitar Amp simulation and FX plugins will happily produce stereo output from a mono guitar (or whatever audio) track.