Stereo headset won't play stereo in cubase elements 10

Yes i have a new heaset for cortana and other uses.It’s an usb headset and works in abelton live but will only play out of the left side when in cubase. In the studio setup panel under System Link it will show only a not connected in the Asio Input slot. It will have an Asio Output connection and only play out of one side. Any suggestions?

And what does system link have to do with yout USB heaset?

That shows what input and what output the driver is pushing i guess. I used Asio4all and after quite a bit of manipulation i got it to work through both sides of the headphones. But if they work in Abelton Live and with Asio4all in Cubase, why aren’t they working with the generic Asio that cubase supplies? (Using Windows 10).