Stereo HomePod Support

Last night, I was testing Cubasis 3 to transfer audio to my stereo-connected HomePods from my 2018 iPad Pro. Since I was able to make that work from Safari and Apple Music, I went into the Settings of Cubasis 3, then Audio, and there’s an area where I can press a button underneath “Bluetooth/Airaply.” Even though I did see that my stereo-paired HomePods were found and connected, the audio I was playing from the app did not get moved over to the HomePods. I tried fudging around, but ultimately I was not able to get it working.

I am on Cubasis 3.11, and on the latest version of iOS 13.


Hi velanche,

Thanks for your message.

Below please find the steps how to connect your Bluetooth speaker with Cubasis.
Please keep in mind that using Bluetooth phones or speaker introduces systemic latencies, which are unrelated to Cubasis.

  • Please make sure BT is enabled in the iOS settings, and that the headphone is paired
  • Go to “Setup/Audio”
  • Enable “Bluetooth / AirPlay” by tapping the button

If you encounter audio quality issues, please go to “Setup/Project” and re-select the sample rate setting.