Stereo Image Question

I pulled a 44.1/16 bit file from a recorded CD into Cubase as a reference mix. I set the Project Settings inside Cubase to 44.1k,16bit, -3dB pan law. I set my RME AES32 Hammerfall sound card to a pan law of -3dB as well.

When I play the same file on Windows Media player, through the same outputs on the RME sound card, the stereo image is much wider, and as a result the panned guitars are much clearer sounding and the mix sounds less muddy.

Does anybody know what’s going on here? I cannot figure it out. Same file. Same Pan Law.

The pan law does not have anything to do with pan width , and not at all with stereo tracks.
If the perceived pannig witdh is different, it´s either in your head, or you have some processing going on somewhere (either Cubase or WMP)

Thanks. I’ll find out what the problem is.

Any possibility Cubase panning (either the imported track, or the master bus) isn’t hard R/L, or that it got imported onto a mono track instead of a stereo track?

Yes. :blush:

Sorry for wasting your time.

No worries, glad you got it sorted out!