Stereo In - Recording with Audio Kontrol 1


I’m trying to set up a vocal mic and guitar for stereo recording. When I plug into input 1 on my Audio Kontrol 1 Soundcard then there is only coming sound from the left speaker. When plugging in mic or guitar to input 2, then there only comes sound and recorded audio from the right channel.

I’ve tried to set the VST connections to “Mono In” which seem to be the only way I can get a normal way of recording or at least getting audio from both sides.

Tried to read the Cubase Manual, however I could not find a way to get a normal stereo recording with audio from both left and right channel. See the attached screenshot for better explanation. It’s the same issue with the Steinberg CL1 audio card I have, so it’s probably just me not being able to set the busses correctly in VST Connections, but I haven’t figured out the right way to do it… Any tips would be appreciated!

Best regards, Michael
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When you record a mono device (like your mic or guitar) through a bus setup as stereo you will get what you describe. So always record a mono device through a mono bus. Recording a mono device as stereo would require that you record your mic (or guitar) through two mono connections. As an example, you could place two mono connected mics near your guitar to get a stereo recording. But… probably this is not necessary.

Try recording your mono devices through a mono input bus to a stereo audio track (not a mono audio track). You will still only have a mono recorded file but, it will be heard through both channels and stereo VST effects will work properly.

Another way to make that mono recording “seem like” it is stereo would be to copy the recording to a 2nd audio track then pan each track hard left and right. Depending on what you want or need this probably is not necessary.

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Ah, thanks a bunch. Nothing wrong then, just me being a newb. :stuck_out_tongue: Could I ask, if I want to put plugins over this, should I choose for instance “Butch Vig Vocals (Mono)” as a plugin since the recording is mono? Even though the Audio track is Stereo?

You can use either a mono or stereo vst effect. Of course the stereo effect will make the mono file sound more like stereo. Adjustment on the effect would be available in the plugin itself. Try experimenting to get the sound you want. Also… if for some reason you really needed to have a stereo file, you could “render in place” or “mixdown” the mono file (which would create a stereo file) then import it back into your project (method depends on what Cubase version you have).

Speaking of what Cubase version you have… It is always a good idea to list your Cubase version and other pertinent software, hardware & computer specs. You can list these in your forum signature. :wink:

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Thanks for the tips. Very helpful for a newb :slight_smile: I’ll make a signature with some specs, sure.