Stereo input not stereo

Hi guys. Quick question… I have a new track opened and when I add an audio track I select “stereo”. However, the track only inputs the left channel of a guitar signal. This is a problem when outputting to stereo effects in an effects loop. I have other tracks where it works perfectly but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the difference is. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?? Thanks

You need to select a mono input in an input channel and route this to the stereo track so the signal is applied to both channels equally. F4 Mono input.

Ok that fixed half of my problem. I still don’t understand the difference between the two tracks and why one works and one does not. On the one that works correctly it says “stereo in” input. Not mono that is then routed to stereo. Also, and I don’t even know how this is possible, but the first two pedals in my effects loop won’t work. The third, which is a reverb, works perfectly. All I can figure is that its not outputting to both the left and right output and thus stereo effects won’t work. But on the original track everything works perfectly. I’m stumped.

A couple of things to know…
1 -If you record a mono source (like a guitar might be) through a stereo input bus to a mono or stereo audio track only the left side will have sound.
2 - If you record that same guitar through a mono input bus to a mono audio track, your stereo VST effects may not sound properly (some stereo VST effects do sound/work properly).
3 - If you record that same guitar through a mono bus to a stereo audio track, your VST effect will sound correct.

  • Recording using #1 above is just wrong.
  • Recording using #2 or 3 above results in the same mono audio recording (as far as I can tell, it is the same in every way). Cubase just processes them differently. You can move the mono audio recorded on a mono audio track to a stereo audio track and your stereo VST effects will sound better.

FWIW… I always record mono audio to a stereo track. Even though the recording is not stereo everything sounds good to me.

I haven’t recorded my guitar using a real pedal in years. So I haven’t tested it but, my guess is that a stereo type guitar pedal may not sound correct if recorded per #2 above and it definitely won’t sound good using #1 above.

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Ok, I think you might have hit on my problem… On the track that outputs to my pedals correctly, the track has two 'lanes
’ when recording. On the one that doesn’t it only makes a single path. Any idea why this is?

Please explain the routing for how you are recording your guitar and the subsequent routing & connection to stereo guitar pedals. Also knowing your audio interface and Cubase version might help us assist better. To be honest, I’m not even sure if you are working with real guitar pedals or VST effect pedals.

My stereo guitar pedals have two outputs. If you are using real stereo guitar pedals, how are you connecting them?

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I have an external effects channel that goes out Line 1 and 2 to three Strymon pedals in series. It comes back in Mic 3 and 4. Cubase 9 with a Presonus Studio 192.

Guitar goes in Mic 1 on the front.

-The input bus for mic 1 is setup as mono.
-The input bus for mic 3 & 4 is setup as stereo.
-The output bus for line 1 & 2 is setup as stereo.
-The main output bus is setup as stereo.

If your buses are setup like above then please explain (or provide screenshots) of the signal path and what I/Os are used for your audio tracks (which should be stereo), your external effects channel, and your main output channel.

Also… are you using the 192’s UC mixer for any routing or are you using the CB mixer or control room?

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I’m not having any luck posting screenshots in here.

On the track that does NOT work my input routing is exactly as follows… Left - Stereo In
and the output…Stereo Out

On the track that DOES work and generates a stereo image the input is as follows…Stereo In
and the output…Stereo Out

I don’t quite understand why they are slightly different.

The problem seems to be that for whatever reason when I generate a track that is a mono input, it does not create a left and right section of the track. It seems to output a mono signal to both the left and right speaker though.

If I create a new stereo track, it generates a true stereo image on the screen when I record and appears to be stereo…but the input is only left channel. On my track that somehow works correctly it looks the same but the input is both left and right. I’m utterly baffled as to why. So frustrating.

Also…when it creates a two lane stereo image, only the left has recorded information. But somehow it still outputs in stereo because the effects loop works and sounds fine.

Tough for me to assist because of your description.

But… I would look at the track that has the input set to Left - Stereo In. It seems to me that if you want that track to be a real stereo track that it would have to have a stereo input bus assigned. Not the left 1/2 of a stereo bus. Are your I/O busses setup like I described? Is that the track that should have the input mic line 3 & 4 stereo bus (or whatever you named it) assigned to it?

Btw… you can use the (I think it’s named) windows snippet tool to capture screenshots.

Also… if you are using the PreSonus UC mixer it will definitely confuse things. I have mine set to “Bypass” and use the Cubase mixer.

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I can capture a screenshot, I just don’t know how to post it in here. Thanks for the help, I’ll try and get you some more info.

Hit the “Full Editor & Preview” button. Then you will see the tab for attaching files.

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I’ve got the same on one of my projects.
because it is only one project i used a work round and didn’t spend time on it.