Stereo Mics Recording to One Track

I’m recording an acoustic guitar using 2 mics plugged into 2 channels of my ur44 interface. When I choose stereo input and output I see two waveforms on one track. When I choose mono input I see one waveform on the track. I’m not able to pan the stereo track left and right. I’m trying to assign each mic to its own track, so I can pan and eq and add fx to them. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Make sure you have 2 mono inputs set up in vst connections.

Create 2 mono tracks.

In the routing selector for the 2 tracks select mono in 1 for the first and mono in 2 for the second.
You select routing in the mixer or from the inspector.

You should only see one waveform on each track.

Thanks Grim. It worked.