Stereo / Mono button is blank in Control Room [SOLVED]


Anyone ever had the mono/ stereo button disappear from the Control Room?
Only one entry I saw from a 2013 forum said it had something to do with the Control Room output but it all seems normal…

Cubase 11 Pro… 11.0.41 Build 448.



What do you have in the Downmix Presets section ? Here, I have both Stereo and Mono as valid options. Beside this, is it recent and have you changed something recently in your Cubase configuration ?


cubic 13, You Legend. that’s it!!! I almost feel embarrassed. This one eluded me. Must of deleted it at some stage…
I added the two options in the Downmix Section and it’s all fixed.
Bravo to you!

I’ll change it to solved…

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For anyone else having this problem:

ALT + click on one of the presets resets the whole thing…i just needed to do just that :slight_smile: