Stereo (Mono L R files) double selection for ungrouped events

In Nuendo 10.3 and now Nuendo 11 on Windows 10 Home (currently 19041.685), I’ve experienced the following event selection issue:

I click one mono Left or Right event and the other ungrouped matching event is also selected.

Expected behavior: for ungrouped mono L/R events on separate mono audio tracks, selecting one event should not select the other.

The selection of these files worked fine early in the project (I verified by opening older project version) but became inseparable at some point after I moved to different tracks. Also, if I do “find selected in pool” it finds the upper event. Pictures below:



I had this issue for a while in N10.3 also. Can’t remember exactly what solved it, if I recall I’ll let you know. VERY frustrating issue.

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