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I like Stereo-Mono labels in mixer

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I see a bunch of complaints about labels of Stereo or Mono in 7.03 mixer. I really like this feature, Do you?

Yes it’s great

I feel we should have a notification of the different channel types, but I think using words is not the way to go. We should go back to the single circle, double circle icon which has been used for so many years in the past on previous Cubase versions. The words just look tacky and they take up too much space.

I like that it’s labeled really clearly. The symbol would be preferable and more elegant.





This is exactly what I think.


Dear Steinberg, give us a choice how to show “mono-stereo”.
Someone with graphic skills may mockup this ?

yeh i think id prefer the circle approach too…

but still nice they’ve changed it

+1 for some kind of small icon. I find the word under each channel name in the mixer a waste of space. I was never so bothered about the lack of label before in any case as I know which tracks I use are mono or stereo. If it has to be text I would prefer an option to turn it off.



Can the label be turned off? I don’t need it for my work, and it takes up space!


just another waste of space right now…

This guy has the right idea.

Oops, just saw you posted this already BriHar…

the labels look naff ,can we have some of these please

its something i asked for a while ago in feature requests …
i love it …
to the user who posted the mod … wow that is great also
some of us are not the youngest anymore and our eyesight may be fading … so as it is i like it …
maybe it could be in the options folder where we could choose between worded or graphic optics :smiley:
great thread this one …
cheers guys :smiley: :smiley:

Another vote for symbols instead of words!