Stereo & mono sources into one 12-channel wav?

  • I may need to deliver all mixes and stems in one 12-channel wav.
  • Sources in mix template are stereo and mono paths.

Channel layout for deliverables:

ch 1/2 stereo mix
ch 3/4 M&E - stereo
ch 5 dialog - mono
ch 6/7 FX - stereo
ch 8/9 mix minus - stereo

I can’t use child-busses in pairs because starting with 6/7 it’s even/odd, not odd/even.

Other than just then using the convert mono-to-multichannel option are there any other ways that you can think of?

I’m basically trying to see if there’s a way to save both time and drive space since I’m looking at well over a hundred episodes of this.

Use “Childs” and add a final group for re-routing by means of Nuendo’s Mixer Delay.


Thanks, I didn’t realize I could do that with that plugin.

Really appreciate it!

You’re welcome!