Stereo or 2x mono for Audio Track

I am trying to record some piano sounds from my Roland Fantom G8, but it sounds very tinny and thin. It does not sound the way that it is supposed to. I usually only play VST’s so I do not do a lot of audio recording. I created an audio track in Cubase 5 and I am unsure if I should do a stereo audio track or two separate mono tracks panning opposite of each other.

My keyboard is connected as follows:
I have two 1/4" monster cables going from the back of my keyboard (output 1 and 2) and going into my Presonus Firestudio Project (input 1 and 2 - both are boosted instrument lines). Of course, my Presonus is connected to my Mac (OSX 10.8.5) and I am getting a signal and sound when I record. The problem is that my high class Roland piano sounds are sounding more like crappy Casio piano sounds when I play them back.

Am I missing something or is there a special way to connect this so that it sounds right?

Either input routing should work although 2x mono would give you more editing capability but the stereo track would be more economical. If you are monitoring the correct sound of your G8 when you are recording it, then you should have that sound on playback. If your (Cubase) onboard sounds are true then I would point the finger at the Presonis changing your G8 recorded sound, provided you have no sound altering effects on your G8’s recorded channel.