Stereo or Mono

I am used to using an M-Audio sound card in my old computer. I have a software mixer that enables me to hear what is plugged into the stereo inputs without going through a DAW. This also works in stereo. I have just purchased a UR22 MKII and have not hooked it up yet. I am reading the manual and it looks like if I plug my stereo guitar processor (VG99) into the 1 and 2 inputs of the UR22 that I will only be able to hear it in real stereo when playing through a DAW with the monitor switch of the track on. If I want to play guitar in stereo and hear it in real time without the latency of the DAW I will only hear it if I use the front mix knob and then it will only be mono. Can this be true or am I missing something?
Are new products this backwards? Is there any way to send each input to left or right