stereo or mono

I want to record mono-tracks, for example guitar, so therefore I added a new channel and set the input
to vst connect-left input.

However then I read the following by musicullum:

“You can get mono if you create a Mono VST Connect Input channel instead of the default stereo one. So you may go to Devices/VST Connections/Inputs, delete the VST Connect Input channel, create a new Mono Input Channel and insert the VST Connect plugin there.”

perhaps failing to do this is what is causing me to hear things in one speaker only. But I don’t understands how
to insert the connect plugin in the vst connections window? or is this even what he means?

the vst connect stereo input shows up when I use the function"create vst connect", however it always seems to be a stereo one. and well ofcourse I can then in any channel choose that as an input for the channel, and if the channel is mono I only choose one of the two inputs from vst connect, the right or the left. Is there any other way of doing this?

sure I can add a mono buss, and then rename it to vst connect, but I hardly think that is working,and what is meant by adding a mono input and “insert vst connect plugin”

Okey, Im going to answer my own questions. but still having issues

I found out that the way to “insert the vst connect plugin” is to in the vst connections window use the “add buss” to get a new mono input.

THEN I open the mix console and there I can see these “inputs” that are not shown in the arranger window ( or whatever its called when you see the timeline) here I can reach that channels inserts and I can add “vst connect pro” to that input channel.

THEN I can use create track to get a mono channel and then add that input channel to the input for that track. However, now I am curious, what will end up on that channel, my performers channel one, or two? what will determine this? I assume I can set this somewhere, but I have no idea how. Im hoping its not a mixed signal where channel one and two is mashed together.

Im thinking there is things I need to learn about the channel strips inside the vst connect window, but would appreciate help here

Hi Score81.

If you have the Pro version of vst connect, there might be a more simple way to get mono recording.

You can record individual channels on performers end.
After you’re done with recording, click the get HD files.

With the SE version, channels will be mixed to Mono. As misohoza pointed out, you can select channels to record individually (and in full resolution) with the Pro version.

Okey, will look at this more, together with looking at the mixer in the vst connect window, hopefully choosing the correct inputs here, and by the way I have the PRO version.