Stereo Out additionaly using first output device

Hi there,
this is a weird bug:
We are using multichannel outputs: “Stereo Out” goes to Channel 7/8 of the soundcard.
At least it should: When using the standard “Stereo Out”, the signal goes into Ch 7+8 plus also into Ch1+2.
When using another output (here: “TestOut”) to Ch7+8 it works perfectly, so only the default “Stereo Out” is affected.

Screenshots attached!

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a) check “Devices/Connections” audio connections
b) there was a similar bug quite some time ago, which version are you using? Try, better?
c) possibly, there is a send to 1+2, expand Song bus to see all track channels and check for their sends

Already debugged everything else:
a) in Connections, channels are all mapped correctly and there is just one connection per channel
b) 1.1.83
c) It’s a new test project created from scratch, no sends and just one test track. Also: just remapping from “Stereo Out” to “TestOut” solves the problem, that’s also our workaround for now.

Thanks, will check again.

Still cannot find what might be wrong. There is a lot of potetial routing trickery in the x32 as well, tested this because there was a bug, now no more routing problems in VST Live. Watch out for additional routing inside the x32.

It’s not x32 related, same problem in a fresh project on my Scarlet Focusrite 8i6.
Stereo Out is always outputting (additionally) on the first two ASIO channels even if I set the output to other channels (1&2 and 3&4 if I set it to 3&4).

No idea. We have a similar setup, main stereo out for FoH, stereo out for keyboard monitor, and mono click for drummer. None of the signals not routed to main appear there.
Will try to re-route your project with a different interface and see if I can reproduce, but it will take a day or two.

Also not super important as the workaround is super easy: we just don’t use the default Stereo Out anymore :sweat_smile: