Hi, I have a question, that would be much appreciated if you could ansewer me and help me. I started by using the studio part in the vst connections on my cubase, I created a stereo out path and I selected mon1 and mon2, but I started to do that because I couldn’t here my samples wile I were choosing them, I started to have some troubles, like stop having sound, so I changed it again to the setero out part, but now I can’t listen my samples wile I am chosing them, I am shure that I don’t need to do that every time I want to choose a sample, so can anybody help me and tell me what am I doing wrong and what and how should I do please?

The Studio / Monitor section is to select different speakers easily. When you enable the studio section, you select the hardware outputs going to each speaker.
Samples & your multitrack audio will play from the default output you setup.
Read the manual about studio section as it is a little different to setup than standard outputs and busses.
Disable the studio section to see if your samples play.

Hey, thank you, i disabled the studio section and now it’s working perfectly, for now, after all it was easy, but it never is until someone tell you.