Stereo Out channel fader or inserts not working properly


I have one project that seems to have a corrupted output bus. The Stereo Out will clip even with Fabfilter ProL inserted.
No matter where I set the output level, the compressor does nothing to limit the final output in regards to the fader. The fader on the channel does not control the track level. In other words, even if I set the limiter to 00.0 output, the track still clips.
Not sure if I screwed up some setting on the track, or if the project is corrupted.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any idea.

Cubase Pro 9.0.40

What is the metering set to?

You completely rock! It was set to input.

How the heck did that happen? I have never once changed that setting. Hmm…

Anyway thanks a million! I was pulling my hair out trying to mix this project.