Stereo out/Master buss/ in right zone

Anyone like to have the stereo out/master buss channel as a tab in the right zone, similar in look to the new left channel zone in cubase 13, To clarify I am refering to on the project page not the mixer.

Personally, I don’t see any point in it. It is already possible to make visible or invisible, place left, center or right in the mixing console depending on the selections made in the Visibility Channel and Visibility Zones tab. I don’t see what additional convenience a tabulator similar in look to the new left channel zone would add.

Sorry I should have made it more clear, I was refering to the project page and not the mixer, so I see why you do not get the point, thanks for letting me know

You get the meter though in a tab in the Control Room, right?

I certainly don’t need to see the main output there.

Yes that is useful and i use these, I also use the new channel zone in C13, so the concept is selected channel in left, (which could be the stereo out too) but also the master channel in the right zone, just an option, the left channel zone was not something I thought I needed but now it is here, I have tried it and use it. Particularly as the fader now looks too small in the old left zone, as others have commented.
So it is just a suggestion and thank you for your opinion.

@John, I’m not saying that your suggestion is without interest especially if it concerns the project window and people who only work with the Laptop screen.

However, if the Lower Zone had a little more flexibility for managing the MixConsole, similar to what is possible in the MixConsole window, it might not even be necessary to add another tab. Besides, I never use it, precisely because of the lack of flexibility, I find it cumbersome and uninteresting. However, if I think of those who work only with one screen, it could greatly be used if it were better organized.

For my part, I work with 3 screens, so this is of no use to me. One or two MixConsole windows are always open at the same time as the project window, I have all the flexibility I want. Additionally, my master bus only contains a Brickwall Limiter and is always at 0.00 dB. I use two group tracks: Level MixBus (adjusts the volume for the MixBus track) and MixBus which is the track containing the chain of processors used to process the final mix.

But, if things can be improved with your suggestion, why not! But, I doubt this will be a priority for Steinberg, but who knows…

Thanks for the insight to your setup and as such it is not for you, and who knows what steinbergs priorities are. It was hard to believe a redesign of the mixer was a priority.,