Stereo Out - no sound

I’ve just lost audio during a mixdown. All tracks show audio except for stereo out. Never experienced this problem before. Any suggestions?

Hi,check your outputs,or the Control Room

If you’re using any hardware on an insert of the stereo out, also check the External FX vst connections . That’s caught me out more than once!

Are the tracks still routed to the stereo out?

Done…that is not it, thank you.

Thanks, but must be something else

Yes, audio appears to have dropped out during a mix. The mix begins with audio then drops out midway…

That can happen when the audio driver drops out. What is happening with the performance meter before it stops? Has it stopped and no longer works at all? If so then I’d be looking at the driver. You can’t go by windows sound as these do t use the asio driver

I haven’t checked all projects but it appears at least some newer files don’t play at all. I’ve created a brand new project - works fine, as do some older files.