Stereo Out

I’ve just upgraded to 7.5. Didn’t there used to be a “Stereo Out” bus that was separate from all the group/fx/vst/blah blah tracks. And it sat on the far right side? And it was actually separate from all of them. Does this exist in 7.5?


Yes, select it in your mixer visibility options, then in the mixer stereo out select W and it will appear at the bottom of your project view, I stumbled around until I found this out

Thanks for your help. I don’t see a Stereo Out in the visibility column. You mean the channel visibility column, correct?


The Stereo Out track is shown in the mixer by choosing the search magnifying glass then clicking the Input/Output Channels.

Ok, thanks, I found it. This was an old project and it had been renamed. Do you know if there’s a way to have just the Stereo Outs sit on the right side of the mixer, separate and detached from the rest of the channels? I thought this was able to be done in versions past, but maybe I’m misremembering – or thinking of Sonar.


Sorry wasn’t in the studio, looks like your on the right track now

. I believe that function is set within the zones tab in mixer view

Thanks again!