Stereo outboard compressor direct to Master channel

Hello all,
I have Cubase 11 Pro, interface Focusrite Claret+ 8Pre. I can link my stereo EQ (Drawmer 1974) direct to master bus, choose it from plugin list and make an insert (NOT open external FX track ). It works fine.

But when I try to make the same procedure with my stereo compressor ( Drawmer 1978)…no sound at all.
I don´t understand what is wrong ?
Many thanks for your help,
Compressor in normal External FX works ok.

Best regards

It’s hard to say anything without more info.
Can you post pictures of your Audio Connections Window?
Does the send signal reach your Drawmer? Does the return signal reach Cubase? Are there any I/O settings in your interface that needs to be configured differently?

I cheked once again audio-connections and External Fx routings. One mistake, Compressor´s SEND (Left ch.) was in wrong output. Now is is correct.
Many thans for your help.

Br. Kari