Stereo plugin idea

Hey Guys and Girls,

when I record sounds from my moog synths I always end up making the sounds stereo. My most used technique is to duplicate the mone track twice and hard pan left/right and the detune -10 and +10 and ad a low cut to the two channels and last, I send the channels to a group channel and ad compression and “distortion” to glue it together.

Can’t you Steiny’s make a plugin that can do all of this? Simply record a mono sound and use the plugin, this would save a lot of time:)

So A plugin that creates a left channel and right channel to a mono track/sound. Use pan, detune and low cut on both channels. Leave the mid/mono channels as it is (maybe a low cut) and at the end you can use “distortion” and compression.


Universal Audio’s Precision K-Stereo

Lookin good, but still no UAD yet;).

move your mono recorded file to stereo track,
than use any plug in u think might helps for stereo .
from cubase plugins, u can use the"cloner" plugin. it gives u dealy control and pitch control for up to 4 voices if im not wrong(u can use only 2 of course if u want). maybe more stuff in there dont remember. play with it will help u with stereo widening for mono should be in modulation folder in vst menu. :bulb:

Thanx Guys,

I use different techniques and plugins to make mono sounds stereo, but for my Moog’s I like the mentioned technique the most, but no plugin so far I used sounded the same. Plugins I use are Vengeance Stereo Bundle, Flux Stereo tool, bx Solo and Sonalksis Stereo Tool. I also like the dehazing technique with the double delay.

Thanx Mozizo, I totally forgot about that cloner plugin.

Waves are to expensive for me, I have bought the analog classics bundle and a few other classic compressors and EQ’s, but I simply don’t like the way they do bussines. My next step will probably be UAD.

I have been working with cloner for a few days now and I get the hang of It. It comes close to what I want and I like to work with it. I feel that cloner is the way to go for me.

Thanx again.