Stereo to Mono Question

Hi All,

I should know this but… If you route a stereo output to a mono channel, does Cubase sum the left and right or does it pick one?

This is come up due to the way I’m using Superior Drummer 3 which is only outputting stereo channels.

Thanks for your help.

sums both.

I use EZ-drummer 2 and it also ends up with stereo tracks in Cubase on the Kick and Snare
I export the kick to the desktop, make sure you tick to make it a mono track before export, then I add a new mono track, import my kick (or snare) which is now mono into the Mono track…why Cubase changes them to a stereo track I’ll never know !

What is the reason for you not wanting them to be stereo ?
Pan Law is the only thing I can think of.