Stereo turns to mono unintentionally

Hi. Rather New to Wavelab I am, but spirit is high!

I have imported a stereo track. I can clearly see the difference in the peak files L/R channels. I want to export/render this into a stereo file after adding some compression and eq.

In the render dialogue box it clearly is indicated stereo file. (Wav (PCM)/Stereo/44 100Hz/Attr: Untitled). However it turns out to be mono and the peak files are equal after rendering.

Any suggestions what can be wrong?

Not sure I understand what you mean. Do you obtain a file with a single channel? If yes, act on that menu:

No I get what looks like a stereo file (two channels), but left and right channel are equal.

Somehow, you must have a plugin that causes this. Try without pluigns.

Hello Rumdrum, I have the same problem of yours. I wanted to split the stero channels to mono , did it to work on the volume sepoarately and then want to RENDER it on stero as it appeared to you but it didnt do it… so I ended up with identical volume R and L channels… what did you do to solve it??? Your help is most appreciated… thank you… Hector

Hector, if you split stereo to mono tracks, you probably ended up with mono tracks that are both routed to center (L&R). On the mono tracks, route the left channel file to L only, and the right channel file to R only.

Rumdrum, is it possible you have the Mono button selected in the Master Section, or Mono selected somewhere in your plugins?