Stereo Volume and Midi CC7

Hi Eveyone,

I am playing around with Cubase and Gravity using Rack instrument. In order to control the volume of a track and making fade in/fade out, is there a difference between working with the Volume automation of the stereo track or the CC7 (Main volume) lane in the MIDI track ?? Why and where would you use one way instead of the other ??

When having a lot of tracks using a rack and Kontakt I don’t feel it very confortable to go to find the Stereo track which belongs to the related MIDI track to change for instance the volume, don’t you ??

Thanks guys


If you are using any Audio Inserts on the Audio Return of the Instrument, it might sound different.

MIDI CC7 changes the volume of the instrument, i.e. before the Audio Inserts. The Fader changes the volume after.

Ok, thanks for the explanation Matrin :slight_smile: