Stereo VST3 Plugins and Multi-Channel Support

According to page 599 of the Cubase 9 Operation Manual, “Any VST 3 plug-in features multi-channel support and can therefore be used in a surround configuration, even if it was not specifically designed for surround.”

But when I insert a stereo VST3 plugin into a 5.1 surround track, for example, it only affects the L/R channels. If I want to affect the other four channels - C/LFE, Ls/Rs - I must insert two more copies of the same plugin and route the audio using the Channel Settings > Inserts > Routing panel. I’m guessing this isn’t what they meant in the manual. Instead, it sounds like just one instance of the VST 3 plugin should do the trick.

So, is there some other method of inserting a stereo VST 3 plugin so that it affects all six channels of a track?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you for the link. I conclude from this that the Cubase Operation Manual is in error, being that it is incorrect to say that “any” VST3 plugin will support multichannel audio. In fact, many don’t. Steinberg might want to modify this to read, “any compliant VST 3 plug-in features multi-channel support and can…”

Unfortunately, there’s a few more conclusions I’ll take from the discussion:

  1. The problem of implementing mono/stereo plugins in a multichannel project has been documented and discussed for years with no solutions offered by Steinberg
  2. Steinberg may never provide a solution because they don’t see it as being their problem - plugin developers are implementing Steinberg’s VST3 standard improperly
  3. Plugin developers may never provide a solution because other DAWs (e.g., Protools, Sonar) already offer built-in workarounds

I’m going to submit a feature request to Steinberg (and a request for improved VST 3 support from Waves, Slate Digital, etc.) but am not confident that anyone will consider it.