stereo widening effects not working

None of my stereo widening plug-ineffects are working in Cubase.

They work just fine in Wavelab but in Cubase just seem to make the track louder.

I’ve tried it in both audio and group tracks.

They must be added to a stereo track to work. If you want to apply “mono to stereo” style effects to a mono track, route the track output to a stereo group channel and apply the effect to the group.

This is on a stereo track that the behavior is happening.

Just curious…what plugins are you using?

It doesn’t matter.Absolutely none of them work.

Not all wideners will make stereo from mono so it may well matter if your source is mono (or dual mono)

And stupid question but is Cubase actually playing back stereo audio otherwise?

These are stereo tracks and yes the stereo panning is working.

It may be the material, though, now that you mention it, Grim, or my choice of plugins and how they work…

If there’s no stereo width in the source track to be widened you can use the Steinberg Mono to Stereo plug instead…you could probably even use a widener after that though it will be far from natural sounding I’d imagine.