Steven Slate FG-X

Hi Folks,

what you think about the Slate FGX Processor ? Weeks ago i bought the Slate Virtual Console, and i like it really so much. Now i’m thinking about the FGX, for 79$ could be a good deal i think. So is someone working with the FGX and can tell me something about the Resaults ? Is it really possible to make a good limiting without losing to much of dynamics ?

Greets and thx.

very good mastering stuff ! a must have !

Yes, couldn’t wait and bought it yesterday. It’s a really amazing tool. Have it only one day, but i love it. For 79$ it was a very good deal.

It’s a very useful tool indeed but the big caveat with this - which can be applied to all this type of processor - is that it is VERY easy to overdo things. A little goes a very long way.
At $79 though, you really cannot go wrong. Each component can be active or not, so you do not have to use the compressor & the limiter (Leveller) together if you don’t want to & I would absolutely recommend most strongly that the “Constant Gain Monitor” button is always pressed because it takes out of the equation the whole “louder immediately sounds better” trap. Also, if working in fixed point, remember to dither.

Slate Digital make some superb tools, they really do.


thx for your answer. The limiter is really great. I played a little bit with the FGX and i must say the limiting is exact what i´m looking for. And it´s a very cool feature to work with the Transients. That can do a lot to the final mix. And the ITP Slider together with the Dynamic Perception Knob is fantastic, so what i can say after two days of testing. The only thing that i don´t know what he is doing, is the “Constant Gain Button”. I know what you mean by saying “Louder seems better”, but it´s a Trap. But how this exact in FGX is working and how to use i must find out. What i find out for me is, the compressor in FGX is good, but for the final mixdown i will go on using the IK Bus Compressor or Waves H-Compressor. I need Colorizing in the Mix, and for this the FGX Compressor is not the right one. But these are my personal feelings and not neutral. So, the FGX is a really really great tool. And i´m totaly happy with that, like i´m happy with the VCC from Slate.


The “constant gain” button prevents the illusion of making you think that what you are doing is better when in reality it is only louder. With this activated, the leveller effectively reduces the input to match the output - in short, it keeps your perceived volume the same. Normally limiting down by 2dB will boost the apparent (or perceived) volume by almost a third (an increase in gain of 6dB is effectively doubling the level) and the result will always appear to sound better at first simply because it is louder.
With this button active the trap is avoided as the plugin will compensate your increase in output level by reducing the input - it is the same thing as a constant gain EQ (112dB’s Redline equalizer is a good example of this). I really recommend reading the manual - not only is this explained in detail, but there are some good tips to help get started with it.

FG-X is a mastering tool not a mixdown buss compressor so designed to deliberately not add “colour” in the way you mean, as that is not what mastering is about. Mastering is the process of preparing a completed, approved mix for it’s intended release media and not part of the mix process - mastering tools are generally designed for transparency & accuracy, not colour.

Isn’t it possible that makeup gain can have timing issues WRT to very fast attack and release times, maybe no big deal.

Not sure where I read something on makeup gain and things to just be aware of, it’s not instantaneous, or always linear, it’s not perfect.