Steven Tyler & Jay Lo on "American Idol"

Wow. I have the complete opposite opinion. First off, this show is TERRIBLE and it has always been. Every singer sounds the same and sing the same lame songs in the same way over and over. Secondly, the chemistry last night was extremely awkward. Steven Tyler was basically trying to pick up all the women, Jennifer Lopez was even LESS decisive than Paula Abdul, and Randy was just trying to show Steven / Jennifer that he was cool.

And boy, if you think that Jennifer Lopez is a good ACTRESS, then you need to see more movies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have passed it a couple times before for a minute and always thought simon was the show in an otherwise contrived format.
if anyone gets cbc, watch dragons den and check kevin o’leary, hes the simon of the investment world.

Rocks is one of my “top 50” rock albums ever. Easily their best, with Toys coming in 2nd. There’s a few other songs from a couple of other albums they did around those two that are ok. I think everything starting with the “elevator” song on is total crap. It all sounds the same and is completely formula and BORING.

ERrr… and pretty much have to disagree with everything else :stuck_out_tongue:. But hey, that’s what makes the world go round. IMO Idol is endemic of what is wrong with TV and Music. It’s more about how you look than how you sound.

I LOVED “Rocks”. “Toys” and “Get Your Wings” when released. Even the first self titled album had some really good songs. I played in a band when I was 15 and we mostly did covers of Aerosmith and Kiss songs, with an occasional Tones2 penned one as well. :slight_smile:

I had rehearsal last night, so missed the first half of Idol. But inasmuch as Ghost Hunters was on at the same time as the last half of Idol … it was a no-brainer to watch Ghost Hunters instead … because the singing (especially the ghostly EVPs) and officiating is a WHOLE lot better on Ghost Hunters than Idol.

Maybe if they move the show to another night … so it’s not in direct competition with ghosts … then I might tune in on the new line-up of judges and vocal-competitors. Otherwise, ain’t gonna happen. :wink:


Well, being interested in spectacle sometimes, I tuned in for the first hour, content was predictable, but I must admit that Tyler had me laughing a few times, it was entertaining, would I watch any more of this, nope… its not my thing really, I have to agree that the participants are all a little too similar. If I had to watch one of these reality programs from the US more than once per season, it would be America’s got Talent, that is way funnier! We have some Canadian equivalents here, I don’t watch them either.

Jennifer has aged well so far! :wink: Not so much for Steven, 62 is hard to hide! Had a chat with him in an upscale shop in Toronto one day where we met by chance, under the watchful eye of his 8 foot tall 300 pound body guard - Steve’s a nice guy, was quite gracious in talking with a fan like me, but he struck me as very short and 95% gray haired at the time! :laughing:

Changing channels now!

Steven Tylor and J-Lo are great for for their respective reasons.

American Idol is utterly terrible. It’s completely contrived corporate media rubbish and nothing to do with singing or Talent. it’s just a Saturday night modern day Roman amphitheatre where fat SUV owning westerners gorging on takeaway carbohydrates and a brain rotting six pack can put a thumbs up or thumbs down by text message. A vote which is ignored by the show’s producers as those chosen to go through to the next round is decided on theatre value not public vote.

The UK’s X-Factor is just as bad if not worse.

I give credit to Simon Cowell as he is the only winner in this rubbish. Simon Cowell is smart. He only needed to look at McDonalds and Oprah Winfrey to realise that the lemming general public buy into rubbish by their millions.

KERCHING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

There’s on old Yorkshire saying … “Where’s there’s muck there’s brass” - IOW where there is crap there is money.

And he apparently even turned down a mere $130Mil to return to American idio…errr…idol.
He’s a shrewed business guy no doubt about it. Actually, I kinda liked him… I was always drawn toward cynical sarcastic, but somehow kinda smart, a$$holes for some reason. I must be projecting. :mrgreen:

I watch bits of the show from time to time… and actually saw the first new show for 2011 just this evening - we must be getting it here a day after it’s screened in the USA?

Amidst all the hype and bollocks there is occasionaly some genuine talent to be seen amongst it all, but I sure do get bored of the seemingly endless supply of ‘pretty girls that can sing’ yawn :unamused: and, the other thing, well I guess part of the attraction of the show during the audition phase is the endless supply of idiots who have no issue with public humiliation.

Actually I recall there was some dude on a couple of years back… Adam Lambert… I think?? he was pretty ‘out there’ and seemed to be a notch above the rest. He didn’t win though. I seem to remember thinking at the time he was one of the few I seen that knew how to ‘own’ a stage and really connect with the audience. When I saw him I immediately thought he was a natural entertainer. Must see what he’s up to these days actually… he’s probably doing pretty well after that exposure even if he didn’t actually win the competition. If I remember rightly there was some talk of him being gay, he was pretty flamboyant so maybe him not winning would have not been entirely ‘acceptable’ to the God-fearing American public?? Maybe his non-win was even ‘engineered’ in some way? Dunno. Conspiracy theory I guess. Interesting thing is though…I have no idea who the winner was that year. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been long forgotten by most.

All in all though…these shows are rather pretentious… and really have little to do with music… as in good music.

Steve Tyler and Lopez… well I guess they made it ‘worth their while’

KERCHING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I admit I’ve watched AI from time to time over the years. There have been a number of truly great singers that have come along, namely Reuben Studdard and Chris Daughtry. My big complaint has always been was that for years it was the same three fucking judges handing out the same stupid assessments of people that were much better singers/performers than they ever would be… now at last they’ve revamped the show with new “judges”

But I’m not watching any more. It’s run its course for me. My problem is similar to Tony’s – it’s mainstream middle-of-the-road singing and songs… of the few Idol contestants that have gone on to have significant careers, they ALL are putting out formulaic banal material. My biggest disappointment has been Daughtry, who has an incredible voice but has IMO wasted it on formulaic MOR “rock”. I would KILL to have his voice, however. But given that Idol is a “industry mill” it’s no surprise that the winners or runners-up then go on to put out the same old tired formulaic drivel.

Regarding the “legendary” Simon: he ain’t all that. he would frequently shoot down singers who sounded just fine… in fact a few times, when the following telecast was aired, he would admit he’d gotten some of his comments wrong, after having watched the tape back. I’m sorry, a TRUE judge of talent knows it INSTANTLY when he hears it

I agree with eveything that Doug said. :slight_smile:

Letterman cracked, “The new Idol judges are Randy, J-Lo and J-Lo’s mom.”

He’s right!!! Dude looks like a lady… :laughing:

i totally agree they put people through that are completely talentless like jedwood @ ,now come on thats not a talent show thats just a pile of placenta thats escaped from the bin , o and by the way we are sending those 2 numpties over to you lot across the water to star on your pop idol show , now thats what i call a good trade ,you give us nothing and we give you JEDWOOD !!!



Credibility and integrity (and rebellion) used to be the hallmarks of Rock n Roll. But now that Rock is totally corporate and mainstream I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a singer that I’ve always admired should “sell out” and participate in “the star-making machinery behind the popular song”*

*lyrics used by permission – “Radio” by Joni Mitchell

Thanks – you actually made my point for me :smiley:

A couple further points:

Steven Tyler was NEVER about the type of bland but competent singing that 99% of the singers on Idol aspire to. I can think of quite a few iconic singers much better suited to that approach than him

I am the LAST mfer to reject something “automatically” – I hope you don’t think I was advocating THAT type of thinking. Not to brag, but from what I gather there aren’t many on this board that have tastes that are as eclectic as mine – I love it all. Well, except RAP, but even there I have all the old school classics – PE, Erik B and Rakim, De La Soul, DMX, Dre, NWA, etc. I even have couple Jay-Z and Outkast albums. But the new stuff doesn’t speak to me at all

I watched almost all the Idol seasons up to now (I skipped a couple of them). But no more. What ended it for me was just the fact that nearly all the Idol finalists are plain vanilla boring non-distinctive “vocalists” – perfectly suited to the corporate schlock they inevitably put out. It’s all “industry” and “business” and very little to do with artistic expression, innovation, or individuality – THE most important elements of a true artist