Sticking with NU 10.2.20 on a 5.1 Mac Pro?

Guys, would you say one is better off sticking with NU 10.2.20 on a 5.1 Mac Pro in so far as Nuendo stability? …as compared to 10.3 that is.

I’ve heard some negative comments about 10.3 a while back but not sure about lately.
I have no plans to go to NU11 anytime soon here.

chetd, you’re a little off-topic here, but I will say 10.2 works great on my 5,1. The only reason I haven’t moved up to 10.3 or N11 (which I also own) is due to ongoing projects.

PS. Late 2021 and this thread is not aging well thanks to Apple Silicon absolutely killing Intel on every level. LOL to the haters! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: JK

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Thanks for mentioning it’s good for you. I also stay put for now due to ongoing projects but that said, and since this is now another thread…
I’ve been having annoying issues with some projects crashing Nuendo when they’re in the loading cycle.

It seems to be random projects (do not see a common plug issue etc) and if I then restart NU and open another and different project, close it, and open the previous one that crashed it, it often seems to open w/o issue.

Much appreciate for anyone chiming in, Wondering if it “might” be 10.2.20 related, or not. Sorry, I’m not as SW savvy as most of y’all so I do appreciate it. Still doing much tape / console world here. :smirk:

I work on 10.4.1 without any problems at all. Still on Catalina though. I am in the middle of a big project and as long as everything works as it does now, I don’t want to risk a possible unstable system. The 2019 MacPro works perfectly, I have had one crash since feb this 2021, couldn’t reproduce it, so I have no idea what caused it. Besides the awful support for Izotope and the dodgy off line processing, it works ok.

I would research into fixing a “corrupt project file” (Cubase or Nuendo), and/or perhaps trashing your Nuendo preferences file.

Hope this helps…

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