Sticky post for Dorico pricing

Hi Daniel:

Can you do me and others a favor and post a “sticky” with Dorico pricing, broken down by

  1. Regular license price (both in EUR / $)
  2. Cross-grades (including which programs are eligible for cross-grades; Finale / Sibelius / Notion; what version; what about people who own both Sibelius and Finale etc., can they buy multiple cross-grades for different computers etc).
  3. Educational pricing (for students as well as educators, in case there’s any difference)
  4. Whether there is any difference between buying from retailers versus buying from Steinberg directly.
  5. Boxed version versus download (including e licenser dongle pricing)
  6. Whether there is a discount or cross grade for existing Cubase users.

There’s a lot of questions floating on Facebook now — the DORICO group. It would be helpful to have everything in one place.


Once Dorico is launched, there will be very clear pricing available on the Steinberg Online Shop, just as there is for Cubase and our other products already.

I’ve seen that thread on the Dorico group on Facebook but I don’t think it would be helpful to get drawn in to a debate about the crossgrade price. The price is the price. Dorico is priced using exactly the same pricing structure as Steinberg’s other professional products, including the crossgrade price (the recent offer for Pro Tools users to crossgrade to Cubase was priced exactly the same as the crossgrade price we are offering for Dorico).

In the end, prospective customers will need to look at what is on offer, decide whether or not what is on offer represents what they consider fair value, and then make their purchasing decision accordingly.