Stienberg you need to provide the hundreds of users with issues an update!

I was one of the lucky ones, downloaded/activated/installed perfectly without an issue (about 10:30am gmt)and im extremely happy with with C11 & the upgrade process, it was very very smooth…
but on forums all over and posts here there are hundreds of users who dont know whats going on and scrambling for answers…

yes the official post is here saying “to please have patience” more than 10 hours ago asking “Unfortunately we need to ask you for some patience.”

you need to provide some official update as to what is going on and that users need not worry about losing their licenses.

Agreed, the handling of this is pretty embarrassing imo.

One thinks that when you buy something, that something is already tested and ready for the consumer to “consume it”.

In Steinberg world, you pay for something, try to use it and it doesn’t even work and they say to “have patient”…

I’ve spent hours trying to activate this “Pro” software in the Download assistant, it’s beyond ridiculous at this point.

This is like ringing the doorbell of an empty house “for hours” and complaining that the people inside aren’t answering the door.

Don’t jebait yourself…

Indeed, you’re correct.
Took me awhile to realize what was going on.

Let’s hope everything gets on track when they get to work in the morning.

should never have gone home. its not server load, its more than that

I am just surprised how many bought this nothing of an update…

new feature already paid for itself in one day

Assuming that the product works, in this case, it doesn’t.
Me and several users can’t even activate the product through DA.