Still a maximum of 8 inserts per channel?

Hi folks,
Does the new Cubase Pro 8 overcomes the 7.5 limitation of a maximum of 8 VSTs per channel?



no still limited to 8 inserts.

My god! :frowning:

How you Guys cope with this?
Any smart solution to use more than 8 inserts?


I’d just route the track to a group track and use the inserts of the group.

routing a channel (or group) to a(nother) group. it rarely happens that i need that. for most cases 8 inserts should be enough :wink:


Well can’t have it all! :laughing:
It’s probably better for me anyways, the limitations.

Try a plugin chainer like DDMF metaplugin for more vsts.


+1 for BlueCat’s Patchwork.

I haved tried Patchwork few months ago, but i had stability and latency problem… I didn’t check for update improvement since my last try, and it’s still only VST2 compatible.

But i wish to be able to save and manage my chain insert fx preset in only 1 track.

Actualy i have some sound design preset that take me 2 tracks, i feel more confident when using only Cubase in managing my fx preset rather than using an extra system that can increase compatibility problem, which would make my preset unusable when needed.

But anyway i will have a look at the DDMF as it’s also VST3 compatible :wink:

It’s one of those things users have requested over and over and over again for years now and Steinberg just doesn’t listen. It boggles the mind.

I thought they did listen to A LOT of feature requests this time around. You can’t expect them to fulfill them all though. BTW, I’m not suggesting they should stop listening.

This thought occurs…

You really can’t get it done with 8 plugin slots, especially considering some pretty solid channel strip plugins ?

For regular mixing and mastering I totally agree. You shouldn’t even need 8.
However, for sound design work…
You could easily use more than 8 effects by the time you’ve achieved what you are going for.

But we now have a Render in Place !!

If you make Channel Strip pre-insert, that means you have a pre-insert EQ and some other stuff - i use it that way. Not much help for sound design though))

I agree with the sound design comment; there are times when I really need to layer on a lot of fx, or be able to enable/bypass many options to find the right effect combo. Mind you, limitations can be good too, but this is the digital domain: why bother with a limitation like this?

yeah, but for the sound design stuff you have plugin chainers and group tracks.

I’m pretty sure the limitation is wrapped around the way latency is handled. My guess is they haven’t tackled it because it will be a mess and 99% of the time it’s fine.

Does the new Cubase Pro 8 overcomes the 7.5 limitation of a maximum of 8 VSTs per channel?

Answered. My best guess as to why this will remain the limit for quite some time is because of backwards compatibility.

Steinberg painted themselves into a corner on this issue well over a decade ago when they first introduced VST inserts/sends…so you are going to have to rely upon the various suggestions and workarounds throughout this thread.

You know, Steinberg should just introduce a simple VST-Chainer insert. Even if that chainer was limited to 8 inserts, you’d be laughing.

WoW this sucks. And this issue has been brought up so often…

Please note that “8 plugin inserts” mean “only 6 slots pre Fader”.

8 plugin slots (only 6 pre Fader) are not enough for me. Tape Machine, Console Emulation, 1 EQ pre Compressor, 1 Compressor, 1 EQ post compressors and 5 slots are already gone.

Chainer plugins suck because you can’t see which plugins are actually in there from the mixer view. Secndly they use some asio power, even if empty. (Except Slate Digital)