Still a problem with Variaudio?

Hi, when I click on a vocal it opens in the lower zone, I press the edit audio flag and the vocal is processed…arrow curser is there, changes to scissors etc…no problem, however, if I click on an wav in the project window while the lower zone is still showing the processed audio all the colour of the processed audio disappears. just goes grey and the arrow curser also goes AWOL and doesn’t change to scissors or pointing hand any more, dunno how to get it back…I’m just pressing control Z to go back and start again, can anyone duplicate this please?

best, Kevin


That sounds familiar to me, but I’m not sure now (from top of my head), if it has been fixed or not.

Do you have the latest Cubase version installed, please? What Cubase version do you use?

Hi Martin, I’m using the latest Cubase pro 10.0.10 and it’s not working on my version for sure… :slight_smile:


I just tested this with Cubase and it works to me. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?