Still bummed about DOP

The DOP feature still seems very unstable and erratic.

For instance: If I use DOP and send a clip to RX to remove some noises from a source then bring it back into Nuendo it works as expected. And then if I press undo to hear the “before” version, that’s fine too. But then when I press “redo” to get the processed version back, it opens up RX again and I have to re do all my processes in RX, which is sometimes a lot of work!

Any tips for workflow here?

I miss the days before DOP when I could just do stuff to a file and it would be done. (And we had offline process history, so I could redo or remove the processing later anyways!)

I just think DOP is a DOG.

Yeah, but back then you didn’t have RX.
Nuendo can’t possibly remember what you have done in RX.
If anything, RX should remember what processes need to be undone/redone.
Same goes with processing files in -for example- Wavelab.


Thanks Fredo. Right, but before DOP I could toggle “undo” / “redo” to hear my before and after in context of the project… Now I can’t. Or can I?

you can bypass the processing?? same thing and works as expected here

Yeah. RX7 connect worflow is just simply terrible now. New N10 version is so raw and unstable. Impossible to work

I’m getting a LOT of crasheswith DOP using any plugins, be it Steinberg or 3rd party. Still don’t know why. Only support form Steinberg replied to my email after 2 weeks that I should contact my local support, which there is none. Some wise guy sitting there correcting me instead of actually trying to solve or at least report a bug.

Yeah I’ve had issues with DOP using basic standard stuff like the Nuendo pitch shifting. I made a post about it but haven’t had any replies explaining what I did wrong or how to stop it breaking in the future…

It makes me incredibly hesitant to upgrade to 10 if I can’t rely on it to do the basics. I don’t want to be in a position where I have a client sitting behind me and DOP starts breaking things for no reason and I get grilled on why I’m not just using PT like everyone else.