Still can not record audio in Cubase Artist 9

For probably a month now I have had problems recording audio in Cubase Artist 9. When recording I use my Röde NT USB microphone and the generic low latency driver that came with the latest upgrade of Cubase Artist 9. I can see what looks like a waveform in Cubase, but when I listen to what I have recorded I don´t hear anything but a very loud rumblelike sound ( feedback I assume ) My computer is running Windows 10. Help with this problem would be much appreciated. See attached files ( screenshots ) for more info.

OK…looks like you are recording fine…how/on what are you expecting/wanting to be able to hear what you recorded?

As Grim says, how are listening to your recorded audio? A screen grab of the outputs might help.


Well, I expect to be able to listen to my recordings in my PC speakers. A left speaker and a right speaker and a subwoofer connected to my laptop. See my outputs in the attached screenshot.

Oh…Wait. You know you have to deselect the track monitor to hear recorded audio? The little speaker icon.

And if Grim’s quite correct point isn’t the issue, is it something to do with the fact that you’re using different devices for input and output?
Cubase generally doesn’t like this.
I seem to recall you need to use the ASIO4ALL driver to be able to use two different devices.

Or does the mic also have an output socket? If it does you’ll find it much easier to use it.

To deselect the small speakericon did the trick for me. Thanks Grim !