Still cannot delete last empty bar

I’m really sorry to having to bring this matter up again.
I’ve read carefully all the threads about this.
I tried to delete everything from the last and next to last bar, but I can’t figure out what’s stopping me from erasing the last measure.
The sample file is attached.
I’ll be very grateful for any help.
Best regards
Stefano Rabaglia
test (679 KB)

Sorry, obviously I was meaning the last bar of the first flow.
Thanks, again
Stefano Rabaglia

Select the bar with the system track and delete it. Or invoque the bar and barlines popover (shift B) and type -1

Dear Rafaelv,
Thank you so much.
That’s what I did of course. But when I reopen the file the bar is there once again.
I also tried to split the flow and delete. Nope.
Thank you.

I think there was something odd in your project. Anyways, I got it to work. That bar should be gone now.

I deleted the bar, added a final barline, saved and closed, then re-opened and changed the final to a normal barline. Not sure if all that fiddling was necessary, but it looks ok now.

Just deleting the bar, saving, closing, and re-opening the file seemed to work here. I think sometimes this can happen (bars at the end won’t stay deleted) when items have rhythmic duration beyond the desired endpoint of the flow - e.g. a pedal line. I wondered whether the last lyric might “think” it lasts longer than that one note, so if it’s still not working your end, you could try deleting the bar then deleting the last lyric and re-inputting it. If there were subsequent notes after that point when you initially input the lyrics, they can be left with extended duration I think.

I can also confirm that simply deleting, saving, and reopening worked fine for me too. Just to be sure: are you on the latest build? (3.5.11)

Thank you very much everybody.
Dorico community is fantastic.
God bless and thank you all so much.