Still don't have a working download of 6.5. Can i get help??

I have no idea what a asknet account is. I don’t have one nor have i seen how to start one. I have a My Steinberg account. Are they the same thing? I have called Steinberg support in Canada left several messages, no return calls. I have filled out a support ticket on the site here outlining my problem, no reply to that. I’m out the money and I don’t have a working update. I just want Cubase to work and enjoy my new features. I just upgraded to 6.0 and was recieving 6.5 as part of the grace period update. Can someone there please direct me to a working link?

So how are you out the money?

Have you tried to download the grace period update?

Did you follow the instructions on this page?


I found Asknet to be very responsive to requests, If you have a problem with payment or a product purchased through them, then this should be your first place to contact.

I say I’m out the money because the inclusion of 6.5 is what made me upgrade to version 6. But regardless I was told I would have access to it and I don’t. I have downloaded the update from the site several times now. It keeps throwing out mismatch errors every time I unpack it. I have seen on here where people have had problems with corrupted files. The only answer I see given is to download from asknet. I have called asknet and explained the problem, they told me to contact stienberg.

Why is help so hard to come by with this? Its frustrating.

Did you use a download manager when you downloaded the update? I’m guessing you did. Try to download without the use of a download manager, then install.

Even the default one in chrome?

I guess so. I use Firefox.

Hello Brokentusk,

Please check your Pm inbox.



That link worked. Install was smooth. All seems to be well. I thank you. Enjoying Padshop so far.

Hi I’m having the same “Grace Period” problem when i try to click on the windows 6.5 upgrade file.
“The page cannot be found (404 Error)”

Please help me. Thanks.


I just tried the update and did not get a 404 error.
What is between you and Steinberg’s server? (Firewalls, etc)
What browser?