Still Got It

Hey all, first time doing this, this song is super pop so it maybe not be to everyone’s liking…Nevertheless still putting it out there. Mixed entirely using Halion 4 Sounds.

Any comments on track, regarding the mix, vocals, etc are welcome!


Great song! This is ready for the radio, it is a catchy tune and nice vocals and backing and the mix sits tight. Sounds really professional. Michael.

So what’s superpop?..this sounds like a pop song…when does it become super?..
anyway…good song, like the use of vari audio or melodyne or whatever your using and good arrangement though the vox is drowned out here and there but maybe that’s what you intended…well done…Kevin

I think of super pop as pop with extra cheese :mrgreen: Thanks for the feedback, I agree on a few occasions the vocal gets drowned out, but sometimes i feel the vocal is overpowering aswell!


Great track did you do all vocal? The Chrs vocal seems to ok in volume its the verse that needs (lead vocal in verse) that needs to pop out a more. I like the way you’ve used your effects on voices.

Super pop haha I like it

This certainly is super poppy. This sounds like it would be played in a European disco to much fanfare.

Good job.

Yes I did the vocal, we were hoping to grab a vocalist with a more R’n’B flair but setted with my voice. Thanks for the feedback on the volume, balancing vocals is something I’m trying to improve on.



Dope track mate. :wink:

Thanks for the support! :mrgreen:


Well Daniel, you still got it! :slight_smile: Good (super) pop approach, good performance, good mix and you sound like any good hit I’ve heard in that market. Ready for prime time. :slight_smile:

yeee i seee , this one will def work in Europe and Nigeria! I hear a female singer though… if you can get it mixed, it is a good tune. :sunglasses:

Cool, thanks again for the input! :slight_smile:


very good ,it sounds current ,just a couple of things mainly vocal things where the volumes sound a little wrong ,but i also have trouble in that department ,but very good all the same