Still need help on doing educational material

For educational purpose, course online for my students:
I have imported a xml with a lot of exercices of piano 1,2,3,4,5…
And I want to insert between each a precount like in the picture and then export all in mp3 and then cut in several mp3

I tried to do it in dorico like in this picture with frames adjustment and flows (flow 2 for precount) but when I click on play I only hear either piano or either precount.

Can achieve to have both sounds (without to spend a lot of time of rewriting extra bar between each exercices)
Thanks and best regards

To the best of my knowledge, playback can only jump from flow to flow in the order that the flows appear in the master frame chain - your preroll claves are in Layout Frames. You’d need to set the gap between flows in Playback Options to 0 seconds.

Off the top of my head, it might make more sense to put the preroll at the start of each exercise’s flow, rather than as a separate flow. Set the indent for first system (in Layout Options) to something very high, in order to push the preroll over to the right hand side of the page. You’ll need to fiddle with manual bar number changes in order to make the bar numbers coherent (though they don’t appear to be coherent in your screenshots - maybe this isn’t important). Either set Layout Options to hide empty staves on all systems, or combine the claves and piano instruments into one stave and manually hide the instrument change labels.

Hello Pianolo,
thanks for your reply and finally do like you said: one player with two instruments (piano and clave) and insert bar in gallery page so I think that in 15 minutes I can do all but now can you tell me if you have time: how to removeremove the gap at the end of line…
see pictures:

Ah! I had assumed that each exercise was a separate flow. Either make each exercise a separate flow, or, if you have a good reason not to use separate flows, insert a Coda at the start of each exercise and then hide the coda marking from the properties panel.

A coda’s no good, come to think of it, because then you won’t be able to use the Note Spacing tool to adjust the horizontal alignment of the preroll stave. Use separate flows with a high first system indent, I think.

You can always do a flow heading change to remove some flow headers, if need be.

Thanks again:

I just imported an old fild from Sibelius as xml so no flows
and I can’t convert selection to new flow easely and I have 65 exercices…I

Edit > Split Flow doesn’t exactly take long, even if you have to do it 64 times.

You’re right not so long!
But in fact the problem is that if we have two instruments for player (like I have piano + claves) if they don’t have same number of staves like me ( 2 for the pian and one for the clave) everyt6ime we put a double bar at the end of line and change instrument here like my example above (insert_03.png) there is a gap !!
the solution I found not great but can work: I use a second instrument with two staves so we don’t have the gap:
and then hide empty staves
Thanks again