still newbie. Is there a way to manually drag a hairpin?

Hello musical colleagues.

This is a very dumb question. I have spent about half an hour trying to find out how to do this but no success.

I am sure there is a very easy answer.

How do I manually drag, or set the vertical placement of a hairpin numerically?

See attached image.

Thank you for your assistance.

If you have Dorico Pro, you can move any notation including hairpins around graphically in Engrave mode. This doesn’t change their rhythmic position/duration (ie “where” in the music they exist/apply), just their graphical position. You can also change the default settings for where dynamics are placed relative to the staff and other objects in Engrave>Engraving Options>Dynamics>Vertical Position.

If you want the hairpin to appear above the staff, select it and press F (for Flip).

This split of “Write mode = rhythmic position” and “Engrave mode = graphical position” applies across the board.

Hey Lillie.

Gee, my oldie brain cells are showing aren’t they :slight_smile:

Thank you for your first suggestion = too easy.

Best wishes and seeya.

Ps. I have Dorico Pro 3.5 for Windows.

No problem! If you find yourself moving a lot of hairpins a similar amount, do consider changing your defaults in Engraving Options, they make stuff like that really easy.

(In case it’s helpful, some users include their Dorico version in their forum signature so other users can know what version they’re using & tailor their tips accordingly)

Although the picture didn’t show that it was the use-case here, users sometimes want to move a hairpin up or down to center it on a dynamic mark that comes before or after it. In that case, the easiest solution is to select both the hairpin and the dynamic, and right-click–Dynamics–Group Dynamics.

And the short cuts for Mac :

Shift+Option+Arrow :to change duration of an hairpin
Option+Command+Arrow : to change starting point of an hairpin