Still no da capo / dal segno?

Did I miss something? Now w/2.1, still don’t see support for a pretty basic notation & playback function: any form of da capo or dal segno (D.C. al Coda, D.C. al Fine, D.S al Coda, D.S al Fine).

When can we expect to see this very rudimentary notation?

Apparently it’s in the works. I’ve read it will likely be in the next update. I think there’s mention of this on the development blog.

See Daniel’s blog. He said the version 2 plan is to have one more free release with significant content (leaving some room for another release or two of bug fixes possible). The DS stuff is the main priority for the 2.2 release, then they will move on to version 3, which will be a paid update.

I would have liked to see that in 2.1 also, but I think this is a sensible plan.

Previously they have said it is Steinberg’s preference to have major releases in the Mar-May time frame so that schools can plan their budgets for the fall. That implies that the 2.2 release would be expected before the 2018 holiday season.

for us europeans, what is the ‘2018 holiday season’?
I am on holiday just now…

I think Craig’s referring to Thanksgiving/Christmas/Chanukah/Saturnalia, as, obviously, Europeans are coming to the end of their “2018 holiday season”. Why anyone would choose to spend it in Aberdeen beats me :wink:

Aberdeen, silver granite city, land of oil and glory…
There had been a great festival since 1973-2017, the Aberdeen International Youth Festival.
Sadly it has given up for whatever reasons…
Tomorrow off to Glasgow :slight_smile: