Still no Key Command to invoke an ARA Plugin in N12

Why does N12 still have no assignable key command to start an ARA plugin???

I like to use Melodyne on a clip by clip basis but that means Right Click-> Extensions ->Melodyne
every time I want to do it!


Why not make a work track with extension activated and select your ARA of choice.

I dont trust ARA yet. Its extremely buggy. I rather work on a clip by clip basis. and bounce all edits as I go.

I currently have bugs with ARA causing silence, sytem laggyness when resizing parts, make etension permant not applying the changes. etc etc.

Almost everything in the menu is instantiatable via a key command so I dont know why this is not.

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I too would like to see N12 getting a key command for ara plugins.

I would like to see a key command to put any VST on a track as an insert. For example in Studio One I can press ALT+Q, and Pro-Q 3 is inserted on whatever track I have selected. I could even make it insert a specific preset of Pro-Q 3.

I can also press CTRL+1 to add an instrument track and drop Kontakt on it.

Nuendo/Cubase needs this!