Still no multi out instrument tracks?

Pretty disappointed that this is still missing. Is Steinberg aware that all of their competitors have offered this for years? The FAQ says its coming in a future version so whether that means C6.5 , C7, or beyond who knows? I really don’t like using the ancient VST Instruments window.


yes, still no multi outputs, and Cubase still not does the laundry . Time went out, and we needed to make some decisions. Perhaps you have a look in the frozen parts topic, and have a search for the post from Helge.



Damn, I would think most musicians would really use this feature! :wink:

pfft…you must not know many musicians :wink:

Now it’s correct :mrgreen:

lol, yes much more realistic.

And what can be done with these multi-outs?

you can send multiple things out … duh! :smiley:


Just giggled … sorry, googled it. I sort of see it but it looks to be not too flexible and from the forum I saw (Logic?) not that easy to set up. The idea looks useful on the face of it for separating drum parts etc but I’m wondering if it’s developement is not happening here because they have the same doubts that I do.

And what multi midi on Instrument Tracks??

No, multi-out VSTs are common. Samplers and FX oriented synths like Absynth all have multi-out built in. If you use the Instrument rack you can utilize them to great affect. The reason this is a big deal is that you can’t save Instrument Rack configurations as track templates. And Instrument TRACKS only support stereo instances. So, we need one of two things, 1) Template support for the Instrument RACK or 2) multi-out support for the Instrument TRACK. Either will do just dandy.

EDIT: It can be time consuming to set up, hence the complexity comments from your reading… That’s why we want to be able to make templates out of them. One click and you get y our complete configuration back. Track templates for stereo tracks is kind of silly as it reduces two steps to one. Doing it for multi-out configuration could change it from 100s of steps to 1.

plus the fact that midi info and plugin automation aren’t linked if you use the rack…
major hassle…

multi out instrument tracks would be a lot better than template support for the Instrument rack…

hehe, I prefer it that way … but I’ve been accused of having a tenuous grasp on reality from time to time too.

hehe yeah i’m sure others like it fine too, the ideal scenario would be to have the choice of using either multi-out instr tracks or the rack…

but the borg have mentioned that’s coming soon so fingers crossed…for me that would be an important incentive to upgrade as i’ve been hankering for years now…

yeah, either way is fine for me. The real issue is how long it takes to cobble together orchestral routings. To save those as track templates in either form would be rockin.

Thanks for the explanation JM. I see that it could be handy but the thread header makes it look way simple a deal. As far as I can make out the other programs with this don’t have that easy a time with it.
So is it that it needs thinking through? (by me)
Looks to me like what is needed is the multi-outs plus savable templates for quick setup or retrieval.
I guess I was a little thrown by the header there.

the only issue I have with the instrument Rack is having to turn on aditional outputs one by one. PITA.

I always wanted to have templates from there, which (apparently) you can’t do directly. Track templates that are sourced from the rack. Loading them to append to the current project… or even loading collections of instruments all out once into the rack, with their outputs already set, without starting a new project with a song template.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22…

  • Instrument tracks allow track templates but no multi-outs.
  • Rack instruments allow multi-outs but no track templates.

Like Chris B says, can’t have everything…

+1 track presets for the VST rack

In a perfect world you’d right click the instrument in the rack and “Save as Template” and it would save the entire configuration for all outputs with all plugs, etc, and of course the current state of the instrument.

And load from a rack slot menu the same way, all at once… appending.

If *.xml archives covered the VSTI rack that would be similar I suppose.