Still no news in the Hub on Windows10-64home

After the installation of the fantastic update 1.0.10, my Hub is still not showing any news at all. Windows10, 64-bit, Home.

Yes, we’re still looking into why this fails on some computers.

Please note that if we haven’t mentioned a specific issue being fixed in our release documentation, then we do not consider it fixed, and there’s no need to report it again. Thanks!

There should be an extra bit of error logging that is in the application log file - it would be helpful if you could attach it here.

Attached is a log file from Dorico 1.0.10. I know Win 7 is unsupported, but maybe this will be helpful. The news feed has not worked on this 2009 Win 7 Pro/SP1, AMD, ASUS box.

I looked around a bit in the Windows firewall settings, and checked that both Dorico and Dorico web helper are allowed to communicate through the Window firewall. Kaspersky ver 17 is the antivirus. (1.08 KB)

Hmm, interestingly there are no reported errors which means it’s not the bit of code that we thought which isn’t working. We’ll have to look at the code again and dig a bit deeper.

I also have the problem. This is my application.log file. (2.28 KB)

Just as an outsider butting in here…

In @cemmevo’s case - I would be almost certain this is a Kaspersky issue… please check further there; make sure there’s not a ‘blacklist’ database type file, hiding deep somewhere, that Kaspersky has already added Dorico to. Talk to the Kaspersky people about this.

In essence, despite you setting things up to allow Dorico through, it may still be blocking it by referring to a known, previous encounter…

These anti-virus programs, can be good; can also be a pain, by being too thorough…!


It certainly isn’t only a Kaspersky issue - it’s affecting people who haven’t (intentionally) customized anything, and just run Windows Defender.

In fact that includes me, and Daniel’s news feeds are showing up in my Windows Live Mail RSS feeds, but not in Dorico. Go figure…

As a quick test, I shut off Kaspersky (AV, rebooted w/o the K, and still could not get any activity in the Hub.


I’m attaching my application.log as to this message.

[attachment removed as it is no longer necessary]

Curiously enough, when I run Cubase LE AI Elements8, there is plenty of news in the Steinberg Hub.

Any News as to whether the problem causing the News in the Hub not to display has been identified? Are error files still needed?


We’ve managed to work out the cause of this problem and have fixed it for the next update, so we don’t need these log files, thank you.

Problem solved… Just updated to 1.0.20 and News is now displayed.