Still no plugin automation?

I mean proper automation with keyframes. Couldn’t see any mention of it…

Yes, still no plug-in automation. I have no idea why this wasn’t on the list as it has been requested so many times.

I know. Still, I would like to recall that automation of wet/dry blending is supported, and that already covers a fair number of cases (and with high audio quality).

My guess is, somehow Automation would present a bit less demand for Cubase. I still need to use another DAW for Automation, rendering Wavelab as just a post-tool.

Yeah I’m not so sure about that. Maybe people buy Cubase because WaveLab has no automation, perhaps… Anyway, my main app is Cubase and I end up doing the sonic mastering there, and only the DDP compile in WaveLab.

I just want automate a bypass in one of the EQ’s in Wavelab’s house plugin.