Still no way to select top note in chord with more than four notes as of 12.0.70?

I’ve found a number of threads looking for ways to select the top note of a chord and, as far as I can tell, the solutions only work up to four-voice chords. In other words, if you have a chord with five or more voices, the solutions always select the fourth note from the bottom.

Has anyone found a way to select the top notes in chords with more than four notes?

I’m attaching an image with the logical editor setup I’m trying to use and the result as applied to a MIDI part with varying number of notes in chords. In theory, this should work. But, alas, it does not. As shown in the image, when the chords have 5 or more voices it always selects the fourth note from the bottom.


Before digging into this, could you tell me what the 2nd line is for?

That’s for the case where there’s only one note. The “Highest in Chord from…” selector works only for two or more note, as far as I can tell.

Well, yep. Looks like it’s limited to 4 note chords.

As far as selecting lines goes, I have always preferred the Score Editor Explode feature.

Yeah it’s an odd limitation. And score editor is an option but I like to have these kinds of things as macros that I can access with the touch of a button in Lemur.

What I really want to do right now is extract the top note and I found an inelegant solution: repeatedly delete the bottom note for any chord. LE setup is shown below. You just keep applying this LE preset until only the top notes remain. Kind of a pain but it works.


That’s what I started to play around with when I was trying stuff out.

But it doesn’t approach the elegance of the Score Editor function from 1999. :rofl: