Still Open: Laggy/sluggish meters in ALL Steinberg plugins

Sorry Steinberg and Forumers,

I have to reopen this one. I have gone thru all threads promising to solve this and checked every bit. I’ve even deleted (sort of) preferences folders of older version as one of the post suggested. My NVidia GTX 560 Ti Drivers are up to date, I have set Asio Guard, Win7 Energy options and all settings to “best performance” but still the level meters in Multiband Compressor update only every 30 seconds for an eye glimps then freeze again. It’s not possible to work with this kind of behaviour, it’s like driving a car blindfolded.
I have a project which I started with cubase 8: my Core i7 is kinda bored with average < 10 % CPU usage, Asio Average load is well below 50%, almost no sign of real time peaks and still multiband compressor is reluctant to update meters…What the heck? Steinberg please fix this!